Virtual Hosting in South Korea


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ITC in Korea:

The Republic of Korea (Korea) has made major strides in Information and

Communication Technology (ICT) over the last four decades
the world’s fifth largest Internet market, with 26 million users. Korea has the third highest Internet penetration
in the world and ranks top in Asia.
Korea leads the world in broadband Internet access penetration

Korea’s local, national and international Internet connectivity is both qualitatively and quantitatively
substantial. Its Internet network today is very different from its initial connectivity to the global network by
way of a 56 kbps link to the United States in 1991. Today, the majority of Korean users access the Internet
via broadband .

The country is criss-crossed by several nationwide, gigabit fibre-optic backbones operated by
telecommunication operators, Internet providers and the electric company. International connectivity
has been growing rapidly over the last several years.

Government support. The government has
facilitated broadband development through an early
commitment to high-speed infrastructure with specific
programs. This has included a positive and supportive
relationship with the private sector, low interest loans
and a certification program for apartment complexes
with high-speed access

Korea has among the lowest
broadband Internet prices in the
world. Broadband pricing is flat rate
and compared to other countries, the
bandwidth on offer is above average.
Broadband pricing is uniform across
providers in Korea

The Korea Network Information
Center (KRNIC) is responsible for
administering Korea’s .KR domain
name. Korea uses second level
domain names based on five common
identifiers depending on the type of
organization. In addition, users can
select the PE or personnel second level
domain name. There are also
16 regional domains used by different
regions in Korea